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Caroline Evans, of the O’Hara Group, is a graduate of Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, with a degree in Communications. One of her many strengths is connecting with people and building lasting relationships. Real estate has become her passion for this reason. With a background in sales/marketing and event planning, Evans has a lot to bring to the table.
Caroline Evans is proud to be a Baltimore native. 'There aren't many places in the country where the people you live near care for their community like our residents of the Baltimore area. Baltimore is an incredible place with a phenomenal city, beautiful suburbs, the best schools, and wonderful sites to see. I wouldn't raise my children in any other place,' said Evans. Caroline Evans is dedicated to her community. She ha spent the past seven years serving in the Boys' Latin Parents' Association, and as President for the past two years. Evans was recently honored with the prestigious Rollo Brent '44 Cup for service at the Boys' Latin School of Maryland. Caroline is someone who loves her community and wants to share it with others. Her enthusiasm and drive make her a great addition to our team. Caroline loves golf, exercising with friends, spending the summers in Ocean City, Maryland, and volunteering at her children's school.
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Caroline Evans

  • Real Estate Professional
7707 Bellona Avenue
Ruxton, Maryland 21204 United States