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Born of the Baltimore Bourgeois family, Jack Bourgeois was raised in the shadow of service and blossomed into manhood with a keen interest in humanity. As a result, Jack’s approach to professional representation with genuine care and authenticity is natural. A mathematician turned theorist; Jack uncovered his passion for people is matched only by that for literature. He is talented in spoken word and for writing and is proud to be pursuing these to mastery at Towson University. From academic to advocate, Jack adds value and authenticity to his strong character and utilizes these to support his clients, whether weighing the benefits of a purchase or debating theories of value. Jack is quick-witted and funny and often leaves clients wondering if they will find themselves in the pages of this next fictional tale.
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Jack Bourgeois

  • Real Estate Professional
7707 Bellona Avenue
Ruxton, Maryland 21204 United States